BlazeGears v1.0.1-s Released

Update February 3rd, 2012 1:41AM: I forgot to update the version number and history in the readme and license files. Made a new release (v1.0.1-s.1) with the fix. The amount of ones here is getting a bit unsettling.

Apparently, I'm unable to follow even my own design documents. Anyway, the BlazeGears.Format class is now properly declared as a singleton, as it meant to be.

Change Log

  • Fixed the declaration of BlazeGears.Formats, which is now a singleton.
  • Fixed the bug where declaring an instance and a static member of the same name would let them coexist, instead of overwriting the prior member.
  • Fixed the bug where the BlazeGears.Class._super_ method would never return anything.
1/29/2012 8:42:05 PM